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Eagle and the Vietnam Wall
"A Tribute to Vietnam veterans" -with the voice of Sam Elliott"

The AVVBA New Member Orientation Process

To enhance a new member’s familiarity and integration into AVVBA, new members will be afforded the opportunity for a formal orientation that will be scheduled quarterly, either after or before a regular monthly lunch meeting. New member orientations will be offered to all members who joined less than a year ago.  Selected active AVVBA members will conduct the orientations. The following items will be covered in the orientation:

  • An overview and explanation of the Association and Foundation Structures and By-Laws
  • New members will be afforded the opportunity and encouraged to complete information in their personal profile form on the website
  • Our volunteer activities will be detailed, and the AVVBA member point of contact for each of the volunteer activities will be provided
  • We will explain our AVVBA uniform ( tan slacks, blue blazer, the AVVBA necktie, proper display the mini medals, etc.) which is used for special events and also how to purchase AVVBA merchandise
  • Gather from new members their personal interests such as hobbies, sports, etc., to help connect them with other members sharing similar interests.
  • Gather information regarding new members’ occupation, education, religious affiliation (if applicable)
  • Photo of the new member will be taken for the AVVBA website
  • New members will create a short biography for posting on the AVVBA website in the “Meet Your New AVVBA Members” section on the member’s landing page
  • An overview of the website content will be provided through visual displays or other means provided by the webmaster or another knowledgeable member 
  • A packet embossed with the AVVBA logo will be provided to each new member with documents and information provided during the orientation
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