"To those who fight for it, life has a flavor the protected never know."


Eagle and the Vietnam Wall
"A Tribute to Vietnam veterans" -with the voice of Sam Elliott"

Vietnam Veterans Legacy Project

The Vietnam Veterans Legacy Project is a joint project of the Atlanta History Center and the Atlanta Vietnam Veterans Business Association open to all members of the US Armed Forces who served in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam conflict. The purpose of the partnership is to create and preserve the legacy of the Vietnam veterans’ experience based upon the stories, artifacts, photographs and documents of those who served in the conflict. The partnership supports the Veterans History Project and the annual Remembrance Day event at the Atlanta History Center. AVVBA members also serve on the Atlanta History Center Veterans Steering Committee, providing guidance in the development of Veterans Park in 2012 and planning the annual celebrations of Memorial Day and Veterans Day. For more information about the Vietnam Veterans Legacy Project, contact Max Torrence at [email protected].
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