"To those who fight for it, life has a flavor the protected never know."


Eagle and the Vietnam Wall
"A Tribute to Vietnam veterans" -with the voice of Sam Elliott"

AVVBA Support to the USO Council of Georgia

AVVBA has partnered with he USO Council of Georgia since January 2005, providing volunteers and cash donations on a monthly basis to support the wonderful men and women of our armed forces and their family members as they pass through the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Airport. 

To date, our association has contributed more than 13,700 volunteer hours and over $124,103 in cash donations in direct support to the USO and our Troops. For more information about AVVBA support to the USO, contact  John Vail at  john.s[email protected].

You can also check out the Annual Cumulative Report that John puts out on AVVBA efforts. 

Check out this new USO national marketing video showing some of our members in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rTLMCdejZA

The AVVBA was recently presented with a 10-year award, as shown in this USO volunteers picture.

AVVBA's support has helped grow the USO, so check out this story on the dedication of the face-lifted USO at the airport! This year, our 2015 fund-raising efforts at local Kroger supermarkets was another success. The Dunwoody Crier ran Bob Hopkin's letter on this successful event.

On Monday night, April 11 (2016), AVVBA was recognized for our support to the USO and to Hire Heroes USA.at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Volunteer Awards Celebration. Check out these photos from the event.

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